How do we do it?

Through a methodology own, where the focus are the needs of the user, work for the ecosystem of the brand is a tool useful for the catchment and generation of business in the environment digital.





In Tribal understand that those media social require a strategy aligned between communication and business, where the user is in the Center and the mark meets the role of facilitator.

Identify the preferences, habits or potential demands of them users us allows provide them a response personalized, proactive and with value differential and enriching. By this it monitoring of them talks environment to the brand, business or sector us help in all and each an of the phases of our methodology that seeks to build on them objectives of communication and business. We apply the methodology tactically over three large areas according to the nature of the company, campaign or action:

Branding: It objective is amplify the message of the brand using, both its ecosystem digital, as strategies of activation with third that us allow get the greater scope within the public potential to which us want to direct.

Social Conversion: Trying to turn online conversations into relevant actions for the user as for the brand, with an ultimate goal resulting in sales. We have the challenge of providing brand value through each of their channels of communication.

Talent: Ensure the image of celebrities or influencers through its digital presence in the different social platforms and search engines. Create or develop digital identity, manage and enhance their channels or lead sponsorship agreements are pillars of action.

Social media are platforms of knowledge that help us to offer you personalized content that builds on our business strategy

What is the secret of a strategy in the media social?

Listen, analyses and provides a customized value proposition to speak of your brand.

Tribal methodology

How do we do it?

Apply our pyramid of Branding vs traffic / catchment for each an of the actions that we allow maximize them results through them ambassadors, influencers or social publishers. The content is the vehicle driver by it must work the structure of the message according to the channel.




Evolve the pyramid on an ongoing basis, according to the new trends of the market and with testing in each of our actions, allows us to continue optimizing to improve the results obtained in different sectors with which we work.

Knowledge of the digital medium and the relevance that represent each of the users based on the objectives are some of the qualities that must have the New Media team. Besides having the capacity of integrate is with other disciplines to contribute to them objectives global.

The prescription is an of the key of activation, viralization and generation of business that offers currently Internet

What is the secret of a strategy of branding in media social?

Known to the public, their needs and uses the prescribers to offer a value communication

How do we do it?

From our social conversion process we monitor and analyze different social, as well as spaces of news platforms, to create custom content that responds to the needs of the users and their visibility in the search engines.

Definition of objectives

Analysis of the Target

Definition of strategy

Know what is says of the brand is only the first step to develop a strategy of communication custom that generate first interest, then engagement and, to the end, loyalty. Both the interaction with them users, as its fidelity to the mark, us allow know them each time best and propose les actions focused to sales.

To identify and generate business from listening to the network gives us a differential value and builds on our goal as a company to help entities to its commercial digitization

What is the secret of a Social Conversion strategy?

It monitors, filters and identifies trading opportunities to intervene only in those cases with a real interest by the user.

How do we do it?

Work a strategy to strengthen the identity digital of the brand personal of them celebrities or influencers through his presence and reputation digital in them different platforms social and engines of search. Create or develop their digital identity, manage and enhance their channels or lead sponsorship agreements are pillars of action

Knowledge of the environment, brands, and users allows us to offer the talent a real vision of how to work the digital identity to maximize the results both to image as profitability of the channel level.

Social media play a relevant and crucial role for many talent both of image and profitability.

What is the secret of a strategy of Talent?

Enjoy, builds and works a digital identity with your professional and personal values


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