How do we do it?

The Tribal media team has a group of specialists in the planning and buying of media both Online and traditional media, which include consultants with a high strategic capacity.

Measurement and attribution

Performance programs

Purchase program and Data Leading

Media optimization

Today it is necessary to have specialists on programme buying, attribution models and Performance programs, necessary to achieve the best results in your digital campaigns.

Specifically we work 3 areas; We bring the real-world scenarios where the Target helping us sophisticated tool capable of measuring, in addition, the results of the campaign to assess decisions taken from an origin to achieve the set objectives.

Any media buying needs a strategy in order to reach the target at the right time and in the most efficient way

The secret of a good media strategy?

In increasingly digital world, the media strategy should be dynamic adapting to technological change and to innovate in new ways of reaching the target, always putting the focus on the client's objectives

Tribal methodology


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