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The Opportunity

Playdoh is a moldable and fun dough with which children can create dolls, robots, animals and everything that your imagination wants. However, the latter did not have clear their parents when buying them a toy.

That's why we work with our client to find a way to show them all what your kids can do with just a ball of dough Playdoh, and we realized that parents use search engine with Google to find new ways to amuse them, and also consulted with other parents on social networks.

That was how we found a simple way to show the world of possibilities for children with Playdoh, using a resource that our client already had: The postings on Instagram.

The Solution

We climbed 5 photos to our account Instagram, the photo was a ball of Playdoh of a different color, when clicking on that little ball appeared 30 tags showing everything that kids could create just with that amount of dough, each tag carried a new account that was fueled by branded content and shared photographs showing parents what their children had created.

Finally we opened more than 500 accounts and most importantly, we show parents that their children Playdoh if they imagine exists.

Toy tags - If you imagine it exists!


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