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The Opportunity

According to global confidence in the advertising of Nielsen report, more than eight in ten respondents globally (83%) point to rely fairly or completely on the recommendations of friends and family in social networks (in comparison, confidence in) content sponsored by brands is only 61%).

However, to make digital marketing through personal recommendations, is not a simple task. Passionate brand advocates can be powerful allies, but they have to be give a good reason to talk. Today nobody already does anything in digital without expecting something in return (consumers have more control than ever over what share, and an entertaining or humorous content simply because it is not enough).

The Solution

We create a different digital platform, the place where users were awarded with our own currency ("Pokermonedas") in Exchange for different interactions meet our content on your social networks; and also exchange it for various items of merchandising brand.

We made the launch of this platform with a web series called "Myths & Pola", where chapter to chapter two friends created different inventions that traded on our platform in Exchange for "Pokermonedas".

The only currency that rewards the friendship.

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