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Poker Club


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The Opportunity

"A boyfriend / husband who has been detailed is a boyfriend / husband she would say fewer times than not." A study conducted by the National Consulting Center in the last quarter of 2015 showed us that one of the 3 main reasons why men declare they go out with friends because your partner is not allowed. POKER beer, is the friend who joins friends and this time, girlfriends and wives were the source of estrangement.

Understanding a little more about the relationships are a reality that we could use to our advantage: relationships have their own currency, “matripuntos”. Those points you earn to the extent you do good deeds and then be redeemed for "indulgence permits". So, our thinking was simple: if we help our customers to win “matripuntos”, We will help them to be closer permission to go out with friends to have a few beers.

The Solution

We created an application to convert all our customers better even. We segment our communication to ensure that only men could access the download of this app. Thanks to this our platform became well known to them, mainly because the functions offered among which stood out: the ability to remember all those important dates, dedicate songs when least expected, send text messages with phrases enamorarlas more at times the relationship most needed. Thus we gather many friends who got permission from their partners to get together to enjoy a POKER.

The app that will transform you into the best even of the world.

Poker Club - The app to turn you into the world even better.


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